Membership Fees & Becoming a Member

Membership Fees

The club subscription fees are comparable to those of other clubs.

Renewal of fees are paid yearly on the anniversary of the date you joined the club.

As of late March 2024 - our membership fees/structures have been removed from this website, whilst we work on the New Membership Management System.

We hope to have this resolved soon.


  • Sorry - there are no Casual memberships or Pensioner discounts.
  • Please note: paying online with a Credit Card will incur a surcharge.

Becoming a member

Only people that have completed a Beginners Course (within the last 12 months) or transferring from another club will be considered for Membership.

Shirewood Forest Archers requires, anyone wishing to join, to also attend at least one club shoot as a “Visitor”, this will help you decide if our club is right for you.

You can request to become a member of Shirewood Forest Archers, you just send a simple email to [email protected], stating the you have completed a Beginners Course, attended one of our club shoots and wish to join the club.

Membership requests will be reviewed by the committee of Shirewood Forest Archers and processed within accordance of our constitution. Information will be forwarded once the committee has reviewed the request.

If you complete and pay for your membership without the approval of the committee, your payment will be refunded (minus an administration fee of 20%) and your membership will be cancelled. Please follow the procedure listed above.

If you have any other inquiries, please email them to [email protected], thank you.