Our Courses

Shirewood Forest Archers is available most Sundays to host
Come-N-Try and Beginner Courses.

There are times when the field is not available to the club, and the club will try its best to update the Shirewood Forest Archers Facebook page with these unavailabilities.

Come-N-Try Course

1x  Session of 1.5 hour
- basically, a safe introduction into the sport of target archery
- the bows we use are "recurve" and are setup for entry-level archery

Beginner Course

3x  Sessions of 1.5 hours
Week 1

  • similar to the Come-N-Try course - safe introduction to archery

Week 2

  •  sights will be attached to the bow
  •  more instruction will be provided regarding, stance, anchor point, sight adjustments, string release

Week 3

  • attendees will be requested to help set up their bow - string the bow and attach sights, etc.
  • during this stage the attendee should only require light instruction
  • attendees are encouraged to ask questions

Certificates are issued to those who complete the Beginners course. 

The Beginners course is preferably completed in 3 consecutive weeks. If, however, you are unable to do it consecutively, please advise the coach accordingly with your preferred dates.

Please note: All Beginners courses must be completed within the 8 week period from first attendance.

Course times

  • Come-N-Try and Beginner Courses
  • Registration - 12:45pm
  • Start time     - 1.00pm  to  2.30pm
  • Sundays only
  • Bookings are essential

When attending a course - meet at the Club House first.
Map included below for location of club house.

All courses require registration - sign in before course can start.
All first-time course attendees (Come-N-Try and Beginner Courses) are required to be present during the safety/equipment induction presentation.

Bookings / Payment

Please pay online by credit card (or contact us if you are unable to do so).
For Beginners course, $60 needs to be paid in advance and covers all 3 sessions. Priority will be given to those who book and pay online.

Click here to book a - Come-N-Try Course

Click here to book a - Beginner Course

Minimum age - 10 years old.

Instruction, equipment hire and insurance are included. Certificates are issued to those who complete the Beginners course.


The car park between the Athletics' oval and the Netball course is the closest to the Club House and field - as displayed in the image below.

Mandatory requirements

  •  All attendees must be present during a Safety Talk at least once
  •  You must wear closed in shoes (no thongs/sandals)
  •  In the hotter months, you must wear a hat and bring water/drink
  •  Suitable clothing is required - no short tops and no short shorts - this is for your safety
  •  Baggy or loose clothing can cause issues - please be mindful of this whilst shooting
  •  Following the instructions of the coaches at all times
  •  No running...
  •  No dry-firing of any bows
  •  No interfering with others whilst shooting - including sibling/family arguments
  •  Meet at the club house first, before proceeding to the field - unless previously organised with a coach.

Covid Requirements

Please wash/sanitise your hands before the start of the Courses - there are public toilets nearby.
If you feel unwell with covid like symptoms - stay home - we can change your course date if need be.
If in doubt, do a RAT.


- Shirewood Forest Archers shares the field with a number of other groups and there are times where the field will be unavailable for archery.

- At the moment we do not have the option for people to try a Compound Bow (but if you have one then we may allow you to use it during the course - please check with us first).

If you have any queries, contact us.

Mobile: 0430 041 221 (Andy - between 10am - 7pm)
Email address: [email protected]
Note - emails on Sundays may not be viewed until late in the day.

Club House / Field Location

Basic Rules

Shoes are required.
No running on the field.
Always stand and be in the correct posture before touching your arrows - with your feet securely across the shooting line.
Be courteous and not in a hurry.
Do not interfere with someone else while they are shooting.
Always obey the Director-of-shooting (DOS) or the coaches.
Always point a bow, with an arrow nocked, in the direction of the targets.
Do not dry-fire the club bows.
Treat all club equipment with respect...

Anyone found in breach of these rules will be required to leave the field.

Equipment Rules

If you bring your own equipment, then:
o    It must be checked by a coach before use
o    Bow poundage must NOT exceed 60#

o    Arrow points must only be bullet point style only – NO broad-head or similar points allowed.

Once you complete a Beginners Course

You can come back to our club as a “Visitor” and shoot with us during a Club Shoot.

You can come back to our club as a “Visitor” and shoot at the same time as the Courses, if space permits.

You can approach other clubs to become a member there – that club may require that you be reviewed as some clubs operate in different ways (eg, we use a fixed shooting line, some clubs stager their shooting line as they may have a fixed target line).

You can request to join the club – see information below – Becoming a Member.

Equipment Rules

Does not matter if you are a member or a visitor, the following rules apply to equipment:

o    Bow poundage must NOT exceed 60#

o    Arrow points must only be bullet point – NO broad-head or similar points allowed.

 Anyone found in breach of these rules will be required to leave the field.

Attending our Club as a “Visitor”

- There is a limit of four (4) times you can attend as a “Visitor”.

- Whether shooting during our club shoot or at the time of the courses, there is a fee payable:

o  The range fee of $10.00 (mandatory)

o  Equipment fee of $10.00 (if you require equipment – bow, arrows, arm guard, etc)

o  Equipment fee is not required if you bring your own gear (see Equipment Rules).

There is no booking for “Visitors”, so please email your intention to attend a club shoot or during the courses (at least 24 hours beforehand),  there may be some issues with shooting with the courses, if the courses are full.

Want to know more?

Becoming a Member

Membership Fees